Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo: The last hand truck you will ever buy.

I'll keep this short and sweet.

This is the finest hand truck that I've ever used.
On top of looking very slick, this cart is so well thought out and put together that my only regret is not purchasing it sooner.

I have two unfortunately cumbersome professions: I am a photographer, and I play the drums. To perform up to my own standards, I find myself needing to carry around a lot of stuff. Sometimes a couple hundred pounds worth. Over the years, I have used quite a few different hand trucks and carts; some light in weight but weak in strength, others big and bulky, but this one seems to have really nailed it.

Spend a few minutes at their site checking out the videos, and you'll get a clearer idea of how this works.

If you haul around heavy stuff as a part of your day-to-day job, this is the cart for you.

I wrote up a pretty extensive account of my experience with the cart at my blog, here:, if you want the gory details.

Get it at:

Michael Borado
Michael Borado


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